Birchwood Solutions offers a variety of services, each of which are tailored specifically to the requirements of the state licensing boards served by the organization. Because the details of your needs are unique, a detailed list of services is available by contacting our team. The main aspects of our services are summarized in the segments below.

Support Group Management

Managed support groups tailored to each states specific requirements.

About This Service

Birchwood's team of certified Support Group Facilitators have years of experience and are trained specifically to serve each participant in a manner that ensures their long-term success and compliance with state licensing board requirements.

Alumni Program

Ongoing participant mentoring, job registry and continued engagement.

About This Service

The extensive network of Birchwood program alumni is available to each active participant. This engaged group of former participants is a tremendous resource for current and future needs.

Community Advocation

Events, education and community advocation regarding recovery.

About This Service

Birchwood's team active participates in community relations activities to advance the needs of program participants, raise awareness of and need for recovery options and to remove the stigma associated with recovery by those who are unfamiliar.

Recovery Maintenance

Continued engagement and monitoring to ensure longterm success.

About This Service

Recovery maintenance and ongoing support are essential to longterm recovery. Our team is ready and able to serve each participant to ensure they reach their goals.


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