Our Roots

Who is Birchwood Solutions? For over 11 years, and serving more than 4,500 participants nationwide, Birchwood Solutions manages support group systems for licensed professionals in recovery from addiction and mental health. We offer affordable, accessible support group management to existing programs and their participants across the country as well as online!

Seeds Planted

Offering our participants real-life accountability and the opportunity for recertification in their profession, we remove the weight of support group management from both state programs and professional organizations by executing the recovery process from the top-down. From facilitator onboarding and software training to scheduling, reporting and conflict management, our support program provides a holistic life change. We even offer post-recovery engagement services, where participants enjoy mentor relationships and job registry aid. Through educational events and advocacy, we extend our branches to each region we take root in.

Grow With Us

Whether you’re an individual seeking community or a program needing effective, result-driven support services, we have solutions for you. Each of our services are tailored specifically to the requirements of the state licensing boards served by our partners. So please, reach out to us! A more detailed list of services is available by contacting our team! We look forward to hearing from you, so together we can connect, empower, and persevere in transforming lives.

The Birchwood Name

The Birch tree is the most resilient in natural disasters and the first to repopulate after a hazardous event such as a fire or storm. We love this image because like the Birch tree, Birchwood solutions sprout new life amidst the devastation of addiction and mental health challenges. In the lives of these, we aim to plant new seeds through professional guidance, nourish strong roots by building community and grow a forest by empowering participants to lead others to recovery.

Team Bios

Our team is passionate about serving, empowering and equipping each participant. With locations across each of the states served by Birchwood Solutions, there is a team member near you. Learn more about each of their respective skills and backgrounds below.