Olan Milligan

Olan Milligan got sober 33 years ago, went back to school and became a licensed alcohol and drug counselor. He has worked with homeless veterans, co-occurring disorders, wayward teens, nurses who erred in their ways, and PTSD survivors. His therapeutic style is genuinely eclectic. Whatever works, I am for it. My motto is “if you can’t be therapeutic, at least don’t be boring.”

He believe that persons who have suffered from addiction can heal to return to a full and satisfying life and thinks that nurses understand that at a level that few others do. “I have been amazed at the recovery rate of nurses in TNPAP and I am honored to be part of that.”

Olan is a Texan but I grew up in Kenya and moved to Tennessee from West Berlin. He was a German linguist with the army branch of the NSA.