Paul Hart

Paul Hart has been an addiction and recovery professional for over 30 years. He is an individual in long term recovery and has worked in many treatment programs as a counselor, family counselor, and program director. Paul has clinically supervised counselor interns, and trained and educated counselors who are working towards licensure in Tennessee. Paul’s desire is to focus on working with individuals in recovery by helping advocate and educate to the knowledge, tools, and attitudes necessary for long term recovery.

Since becoming a TnPAP peer support group facilitator in 2005, he has learned everyone comes into TnPAP through various experiences. Some come in because of poor choices, others have learned they have a substance use disorder and may be addicted, some possibly have a mental health disorder and many likely a combination of all of these. Whatever the reason, he understands that those individuals starting recovery are the fortunate ones. He believes that every person deserves respect and dignity, regardless of what brought them to this opportunity.